Mini Houses


The Sonoma (Kitchen View)
Sonoma inside
The Sonoma (Interior View)
Sonoma Interior
The Sonoma (Bathroom View)
Cabin- Kitchen
The Cabin (Kitchen View)
Cabin- Bathroom
The Cabin (Kitchen & Bathroom View)
Cabin Image 1
The Cabin
Cabin- Shower
The Cabin (Bathroom View)
The Cabin
Cabin- Loft
The Cabin (Interior View)
Cabin Loft 2
The Cabin (Loft View)
Sonoma Kitchen Image 1
The Sonoma (Kitchen View)
Sonoma Kitchen Image 2
The Sonoma (Kitchen View)
Sonoma Loft Bedroom
The Sonoma (Loft View)
sonoma side
The Sonoma
Sonoma Front Outside
The Sonoma
Outlander- Exterior View
The Outlander
Outlander interior
The Outlander (Kitchen & Entryway)
Outlander- Kitchen
The Outlander (Kitchen & Bathroom View)
Outlander- Loft Bedroom
The Outlander (Loft View)
Mini House
The Outlander
Outlander- Bathroom Image
The Outlander (Bathroom View)
The Berryessa Mini House
The Berryessa
berryessa kitchen
The Berryessa (Kitchen View)
berryessa bathroom
The Berryessa (Bathroom View)
Berryessa fan
The Berryessa (Interior View)
berryessa stairs
The Berryessa (Interior View)
Laws on accessory buildings, temporary buildings, etc., vary greatly based on state, county and even city regulations. We greatly encourage you to check your local laws if you have questions regarding the possible restrictions (if any) in your area.  Visit your county, city, and state .gov website, or call your local zoning office for more information. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that there are no restrictions that may prohibit the use of mini homes in their area. Cooper’s Quality Buildings is an authorized dealer of these structures and assumes no responsibility for any unlawful or prohibited use.